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The compensation (2x [Event] Greater Ancient Crown Box) for all the players affected by the issue with AP acquisition for Relic Exchange has been delivered

For more info, please refer here.

Customer Support will not be providing any restorations related to transformations.[11/03/2022]

Customer Support will not be offering any refunds for item purchases using Abyss Points (AP). Please see our updated Item Refund policy. [09/30/2021]

Here you will find the lists of currently known issues within Aion. These lists are not exhaustive and may not contain all issues found within the game:

Known Issues for February 2023
Known Issues for August 2019
Known Issues for October 2019
Known Issues for February 2020
Known Issues for May 2020
Known Issues for November 2020
Siege Technical Issue Information/Update as of December 2021
[FIXED] Known Issue: Skill Effects and Sound missing after latest update
Known Issue: Elyos Event Pass - Major Ancient Crown [COMPLETE]
[FIXED] Known Issue: Marks required to craft Tahabata Weapon Selection Box [FIXED] Known Issue: Tahabata Pyrelord does not drop the Tahabata Mark [FIXED] Known Issue: Unable to interact with Kromede's Trial Jeeves and Tahabata
Known Issue: Summer Flower Package - Blessed Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle[COMPLETE]

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