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Item refund is now part of our Token-based Restoration Policy. More info: Token-based Restoration Policy.

Due to a recent increase in support ticket volume, please expect temporary delays in responses. Rest assured that the Customer Support Team is doing its best to respond to all requests as quickly as possible and is working to prioritize time-sensitive inquiries.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience.

Server Transfers are currently disabled until further notice. More details on the return date will be posted on the official forums.

Aion: Shadows over Balaurea Known Issues

Here you will find the lists of currently known issues within Aion. These lists are not exhaustive and may not contain all issues found within the game:

Known Issues for August 2019
Known Issues for October 2019
Known Issues for February 2020
Known Issues for May 2020
Known Issues for Shadows over Balaurea

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