Preorder/Collector Edition Items for Aion

In order to claim items from the Preorder and Collector’s Edition of Aion, you will need to first make sure the appropriate codes have been applied to your Aion game account, and then claim the items for your character(s) through our website.

This article explains how to assign special in-game items for your Aion character.

After you have claimed the item packs for your character(s) on our website, you may need to wait a while (possibly up to 12 hours) before the items become available in-game. Your item packs will be available when you see a small box icon appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen next to your compass.

You can click the box and a Black Cloud Trader will appear to deliver your items. You can click on this NPC to retrieve your items.

If you don’t retrieve all of the items before dismissing the Black Cloud Trader, the items will remain in your normal mailbox.

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