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Improving your character’s items in Aion will often carry with it a random and destructive element. You should be aware of the risks before trying to use all available means to enhance their powers – and that the risk is by design.

Enchantment Stones and Manastones

First of all, Enchanting gear (using Enchantment Stones) is intended to be a challenging task, as it can greatly benefit your character. Enchantment Stones can be very expensive, and there is a chance they can fail each time. The same is true of Manastones, which have different benefits and a random chance of success and failure.

You might want to check with other players in-game, or search the forums, to make sure you are using the appropriate-level Enchantment Stones for the items you're trying to enchant. I know there are several players out there that have spent a lot of time and Kinah experimenting with enchanting. These players often share their results regarding what type of Enchantment Stones were most successful for certain items.



Armsfusion and Godstones

When you combine two weapons using the Armsfusion system, the resulting Armfused item contains most of the attributes from Primary weapon and some attributes of secondary weapon. In the case of Godstones, the stone from the primary weapon will be transferred to the new weapon.

However, the Godstone from the secondary weapon will always be destroyed, even if the primary weapon does not have a Godstone. This is the intended behavior of weapons that contain Godstones when they are used for Armsfusion.

Conditioning and Armsfusion

Items eligible for Conditioning can be used in the Armsfusion process, and the Conditioning will continue to function normally. Conditioning will still degrade after the weapons are Armsfused, and it can also still be refreshed. If you fuse two weapons that can be Conditioned, you will generally find it more economical to do the Conditioning after the fusion takes place.

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