The Official Aion Magazine: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to many frequently asked questions about the Official Aion Magazine.

Question: What is the Official Aion Magazine?

Answer: The Official Aion Magazine was a digital-only magazine dedicated to Aion. Issue 1 launched on March 26th, 2010. Every issue included an exclusive in-game item. There have been 40 issues published. Issue 40 was the last issue of the Aion Digital Magazine. We will not be publishing any further issues.

Each issue provided…

  • Over 60 pages of editorial in the digital magazine every month 
  • Exclusive interviews getting you behind the scenes of the game 
  • Guild of the Month and Players of the Month features 
  • Getting Started section, helping you understand your class, the game, and key areas throughout Aion 
  • Expert Guides to key content to help you hone your Aion skills
  • Bonus unique in-game item with every issue, exclusive to magazine subscribers

Question: How do I sign up for the Official Aion Magazine? 

Answer: The Official Aion Magazine website is no longer in service. Due to this, there is no official way to obtain back issues of the Official Aion Magazine.


The gifts for subscribers are different for EU and US servers, as Aion is operated by different companies in these territories. Codes are not compatible with the other territory.

Question: What are the prices and the subscription options for the Official Aion Magazine? 

Answer: The subscriptions are no longer available as the publisher of the Official Aion Magazine has taken down the site.


Question: I have other questions about the magazine. Who do I direct questions about the Official Aion Magazine/questions about my Official Aion Magazine subscription to?

Answer: The Official Aion Magazine was published by Cranberry Publishing Interactive Ltd, in co-operation with NCSOFT. Cranberry Publishing Interactive Ltd is a UK registered company. As the publisher no longer maintains the website, there is no available contact information.

The NCSOFT Support Teams cannot provide any information about your magazine subscription or questions related to the magazine publication.
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