Client Crashing - Possible Fix Solutions

As many players have reported, Aion has been unstable on NVIDIA mobile graphics systems since our March 26, 2014 game update. For this issue, these players experience crashes with the game within 5-10 minutes of being online. We have been diligent with the issue; reproducing the issue, collecting reports, reviewing game advisor logs, and ultimately we had to escalate the issue to our developers. We are in contact with them daily, requesting updates on their investigation. They are reviewing and working on a resolution for the issue. 

In the meantime, we have received three player suggestions that have proved fruitful as a temporary solution to the crashing. We have been able to test these suggestions as well. Before we proceed, please do be mindful that you are making adjustments to your computer that may affect its performance. If you do not feel comfortable testing out these suggestions, please find a tech savvy friend or refrain from using the suggestions until we have a reliable resolution. 

Rolling Back Your NVIDIA Mobile Graphics Driver
Players have reported rolling back your graphics driver from 335.23 to 332.21 has temporarily resolved their crashing issue. To roll back your graphics driver, you simply need to download the old one. 

Please find the download here on the NVIDIA website and look for the driver number 332.21. After you install the driver, restart your computer. 

There was also an instance of rolling back to 306.97 working. 

Disabling your NVIDIA Mobile Graphics
On laptop devices, we have concluded that there is a conflict between NVIDIA graphics and the on-board integrated graphics by Intel. Players have reported that by disabling the NVIDIA graphics, the crashing subsides. This will not be optimal for playing Aion but it may cease the crashes until we have a resolution. 

To disable your NVIDIA graphics, complete the following steps:

  1. Right Click Computer and pull up Properties.
  2. Select Display Adapters on the list.
  3. Right click your NVIDIA graphics to disable it.

Adjusting PhysX on your NVIDIA graphics
Instead of disabling your graphics, repeat the same steps above and set your Intel graphics as Default. Then open the NVIDIA Control Panel, select Set PhysX Configuration on the left and pick CPU as the PhysX processor. This will not be optimal for playing Aion but it may cease the crashes until we have a resolution. 

If these proposed suggestions do not work for you, please continue to bear with us as we work with our developers on getting this issue resolved. We have been assisting players with extending their timed items including housing maintenance fees. Please submit a new ticket following the instructions on our support site (located here) on how to extend your timed items. Any additional items or services for the inconvenience will be considered after the issue is resolved.

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