Transitioning from the old NC Launcher to the new NCSOFT Game Launcher

If you currently have the old NCLauncher installed the following steps will walk you through transitioning to the new NCSOFT Game Launcher.

    1. Open the NCSOFT Launcher and select Aion: you will be prompted to update. Next, click Update. A pop-up will notify you of the change. Click OK.  
    2. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the NCSOFT Game Launcher. 


If you do not have Lineage II or Guild Wars installed, you will be automatically prompted to uninstall the old NCSOFT Launcher once Aion has been migrated to the new one.


  1. When the NCSOFT Game Launcher for Aion is started the first time, it will perform a file check and update your client to the newest version, after which it will automatically start Aion (if you wish to change the auto-launch of Aion you can do so in the Launcher settings).
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