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How to change your installation location

In order to change the location in which Aion is installed to you must run through the installation process again to ensure the proper registries are created. The following steps below will walk you through this procedure along with backing up your current Aion installation so you do not have to download the game again:

    1. Locate your old Aion game folder. By default, this should be C:\Program Files(x86)\NCSOFT or something like D:\Games.  Rename this folder to Aion.old.
    2. Click Start then Control Panel then click Uninstall a Program.
    3. Uninstall Aion (if listed) and uninstall any version of the launcher listed such as the NCsoft Launcher or NCSOFT Game Launcher.
    4. Install the new NCSOFT Game Launcher from this link:


    1. Right-click "Aion.exe" and select Run as Administrator. This will start the installation process.
    2. Select the new installation location you would like for Aion.
    3. Once the "Aion" installation has completed, you will be prompted to install to the NCSOFT Game Launcher.


      **Note**: You will not have the option to change the installation location of the launcher. It must be C:\Program Files(x86)\NCWest\Launcher (requires about 5MB).

  1. Once the installation of the NCSOFT Game Launcher has completed, you will be prompted to "update" Aion. At this point, close the launcher.
  2. Navigate to your old Aion installation folder, cut and paste the Aion.old folder into your new Installation location.  This should now show 2 different Aion folders: Aion and Aion.old.
  3. Delete Aion and rename Aion.old to Aion.
  4. "Right-click" the newly created Aion shortcut on your Desktop and select Run as Administrator.

At this point, the NCSOFT Game Launcher should scan the new folder and begin the patching process. Once completed, Aion should start automatically.

If you encounter any errors you can reference the specific errors in the Technical Support section or if you’d like to open a support request please reference the Opening A Technical Support Request KB article to ensure you include all the necessary information.

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