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Aethertech campaign missions

The Aethertech profession, added in the 4.5 Steel Cavalry update, has a unique set of campaign missions. If you are an experienced Aion player wondering why your Aethertech character is not receiving the quests or contacts you expect, please read on!

The new missions are unique by design. Some of the missions that normally would be considered part of a character's campaign may have been turned into important quests that only Aethertech characters can take. Be sure to check your map for deep blue markers that indicate Important quests, as opposed to light blue quest markers.

For example, Aethertech characters should expect to receive the following missions to unlock the way to Theobomos Labs (for Elyos) and Adma Stronghold (for Asmodians).

  • Elyos quest: "Archaeologist Pyrrha"
    Quest giver: Atropos
    Location: Observatory Village in Theobomos
    Level: 46
  • Asmodians quest: "Vengeful Spirit Consolation"
    Quest giver: Surt
    Location: Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin
    Level: 46
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