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Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support on April 8, 2014

Microsoft has announced they will officially end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. We want to make sure our players understand what this means to Aion. While you will still be able to use your Windows XP computer, your computer will no longer receive critical updates from Microsoft after April 8, 2014. So how does this affect you as an Aion player? There is no immediate impact of this change, but moving forward the game will no longer be optimized for the OS. You will still be able to log into the game normally, but as the game updates, there are chances you will run into game compatibility issues. For now, you may not be the impacted, but do be aware of this change coming. 


- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Why is Microsoft discontinuing support for Window XP?

You can read about Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows XP on their website here (


Q: Why won’t Aion be compatibility with Windows XP anymore?

Compatibility for an Operating System is completely reliant on Microsoft support for the OS. When Microsoft decides to end support, we must follow suit to ensure our game remains secure and optimal for the supported OS.


Q: Can you make Aion remain compatible with Windows XP?

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Without updates and support from Microsoft on the OS, we cannot ensure our game remains fully compatible.


Q: I use Windows XP. Can I still contact Tech Support for help?

Our Tech Support team will help if they can but if they deem your issue related to Windows XP, the issue is out of their hands at that point.


Q: My computer uses Windows XP. What should I do?

To avoid a vulnerable computer and compatibility issues, Microsoft suggests upgrading your Operating System. Upgrading may not be an option if your computer is older so please see this tutorial ( from Microsoft. 


Q: I used Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Does this affect me?

This only currently affects players using Windows XP. 

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