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Forums "Incorrect Password" Error - Solution -

There are two methods to fix this particular issue. 

(Method One)

  1. Go into your browser's settings/options and delete the cookies for "". Internet Explorer will require you to remove all of that browser's Cookies. 

    * Firefox: Options > Options > Privacy > Remove Individual Cookies
    * Chrome: Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy/Content Settings... > All Cookies and Site Data
    * IE: Settings > Internet Options > Delete... > Cookies and Website Data 

  2. Next, go to:  and log into the website.
  3. You should be able to now enter the forums:

(Method Two)

  1. Scroll to the Navigation bar up top and click on Aion Account. Select Manage Account or use this URL to log in:  
  2. Enter your account credentials and it will redirect you to your Account Management page.
  3. Click on the Games drop down menu and select Aion.
  4. Click Forums and it should automatically log you in.
  5. If the forums continue to give you the invalid username or password error, try the steps again listed above after you’ve closed your Internet browser.
  6. If you have used up your forum login attempts, please use the URL after 15 minutes and follow the steps noted above.

If this does not solve your issue, please submit a ticket at:


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