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I’m Having Trouble Logging In To My NC Account

1. Update/Create your NC account

If you are having trouble creating a new NC Account, please try the following steps here:  How do I create an NC Account.  If you simply want to update your NC Account information you can review the steps here:  Updating your NC Account.  This will walk you through the necessary steps for changing the contact information and/or email address currently on your NC Account.

 2. Reset your password

If you are having trouble logging in to your NC Account, first please try re-setting your password by following the steps here: How do I re-set my NC Account Password?

 3. Use your email address

If you are having trouble remembering your NC Account name, first please try using your email address.  This same email address will also be the login name you will need to use when accessing the game client.  If you still cannot recall your login name, please contact Support.

 4. "Too many failed login attempts" error message"

If you have entered your password too many times, you will get an error "Too many failed login attempts".  The error message you are seeing is part of a security system in place to prevent an unauthorized party from gaining access to an account by repeatedly guessing passwords. The error will expire automatically after 60 minutes, but login attempts before it expires can cause the timer to reset.

5. Login Failed (Due to blocked web features)

 This error message is a result of blocking features or communication with our website or services. To log into the website, please make sure that you are not blocking any features of our site and that your Java and Flash plugins are up-to-date. If you have add-ons running in your web browsers that block or filter cookie generation or sending, please disable them and attempt to log in again.

6. Banned account

If your account is banned, please contact customer support for assistance. Please do not take the messaging as blame as the account block may due to circumstances outside of your control. Our support team can review the issue and provide more information. 

You can contact support regarding the block on your account at

 7. If nothing else worked

If you have reviewed the above and are still having an issue logging in to or creating a new NC Account, please submit a ticket here (

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