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Limitations in the service – What GMs cannot do

Game Masters and other NCSOFT support staff have very particular roles. While it’s entirely appropriate for you to ask questions, please be aware of the following limitations in the Aion service that the GMs answering your requests will not be able to address.

Character transfers across accounts

It is not possible to move an Aion character from one account to another. One a character is created on account, it will remain there until it is deleted. There is no way to “merge” accounts or characters on those accounts.

Character class or race/faction change

Aion characters begin their lives as Elyos or Asmodians, with a particular class that you can choose as a player. Due to the design of Aion and limitations of the tools available to GMs, it is not possible to change either your character’s race or class once it has been created.

Client Modification

Modifying the game client in any way without direction from an NCSOFT employee is not allowed. NCSOFT employees will not offer you any advice to change the game data files.

Player privacy

NCSOFT staff will not be able to provide information about another player's account, nor will we share conversations we have with you, with other players. If you want to contact someone out of game, we will not be able to assist with such requests.

Game Mechanics

Game Masters are not part of the Development Team, and as such are not able to change aspects of the game by request or provide players with information regarding calculations for in-game mechanics. However, you are more than welcome to discuss this issue with fellow players in game or on the forums.

Proxy Servers

NCSOFT does not expressly prohibit the use of proxy servers. However, you may only use them at your own risk. We're aware that some players use proxy servers to improve their connection time and performance. Please keep in mind that these servers can also be used for other reasons that aren't as innocent. NCSOFT is not able to confirm any proxy service is able to meet its service claims.

Can I talk to a GM in-game?

You may or may not be able to talk directly to a GM using the game client. Issues are generally addressed through email or through your Support Account. We have found this method to be more efficient as this enables more than one agent to reply to a player’s issue. Game Masters typically only go in game when necessary, and only for a few specific support issues.

If you would like any of these limitations to change, please consider posting your thoughts in the Suggestion Box section of our forums. The Development Team reviews these forums frequently, and many player-provided ideas have grown and changed into a future update.

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