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Pets in Aion

The Game Guide article about pets should be your first stop in your quest to learn about Aion pets. The following might answer further questions on the subject.

How do I claim my pet?

Once purchased, pet eggs will be sent to the character that you choose during check-out. Some pets obtained through other means must be sent to a character using the Account Management website, including those obtained through pet key giveaways conducted by NCSOFT or gaming websites.

After the pet has been applied to your character, you will receive an in-game mail containing the egg for your pet. In order to transform your egg into a pet, you will need to visit the Pet Minder NPC in the main city (Sanctum or Pandaemonium) to hatch your egg!

Once your egg has been hatched, it will be available in your character’s Pet List. You can access this list via the main Menu button. The icon looks like an up arrow and is located to the left of your flight meter. Please be aware there is not a default hotkey to access the Pet List. However, you can create one under the Key Mapping tab in your Options menu.

When your Loot pet won’t loot

When using a Loot pet, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • The pet can only pick up items within a small radius of your character (28m), and only if its master (your character) has ownership of the loot.
  • Your pet will not pick up any untradeable items.
  • Your pet will not pick up any item that requires a confirmation window in order to loot.
  • Your pet will not pick up items that require a dice roll.
  • Your pet won't loot at all when your character’s group has chosen the "Free-For-All" method of loot distribution.

If you know that an NPC drops items that are quest items, keys, or of Superior to Mythic grade, please be sure to check the enemy’s corpse for any loot your pet did not pick up. It is a good practice to check any corpses that may remain that are not being looted by your pet in the event you are in a group so that you do not miss looting any high-grade items.

Similar Pets Share Same Inventory

By design, pack pets that have the same number of inventory slots will share the same inventory space. However, pets that don’t have the same number of inventory slots will have separate Pet Bags.

For example, a 6-slot pack pet and a 12-slot pack pet will each have their own Pet Bags that can hold different items.

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