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Loot in Aion

Aion is a world at war, but there are unobvious rules about who gets the spoils. If you have a question about loot, you should read on!

When the item you want won’t drop

The best items are often the most difficult to acquire, and often can’t be traded. In order to improve your chances of acquiring this item, you should use items that can increase your item drop rate, such as the Golden Charm of the Key or Cabal Charm of the Circle. These items can be purchased with the tokens acquired through Mentor quests.

Your character should also be fully rested with Energy of Repose, as this buff also improves your item drop rate.

Can't Loot Items

If your character is part of an Alliance, it may prevent your character from picking up some items. You can press L to bring up the Alliance Window and see if your character is part of an Alliance. If you are in an Alliance, you can quit by typing /leave.

Drop Item Change Requests

Sometimes your character will receive an item it is unable to use because of its Class or Faction (Elyos or Asmodian), and might not be able to exchange for something more useful. It’s possible, and intended by design, for a wide variety of items to drop – even items that no other character in your faction can use. As a result, the Support Team will be unable to exchange dropped loot for other versions of the item.

Ninja Looting

While this behavior may be considered rude, it is not considered a violation of the rules. All members in a party have equal rights to any loot that drops. If a group of players has created their own rules for how loot will be distributed, support staff will not able to intervene.

If this happens to your character, it would be good advice for you not to play with them again. You can also make sure that your character is the Leader of the group so you can control how the loot will be distributed in your party.

Asmodian Initiative surveys

Asmodian Initiative surveys can be claimed only once per server. Once a survey has been claimed on one character, other characters on the same server won't receive it. If you feel that you've claimed a survey on the wrong character, we can transfer the survey items to another character on your account that is eligible for the survey if you wish. If you'd like to make such a request, we'll need to know which items you wish to transfer and the name of the character you'd like to have them.

Some of the surveys require you to choose  multiple items. To do this, just hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on the additional items. As with any survey, you'll also need to click the circular button under the survey text to confirm that you're ready to accept it. Once the circular button is toggled on and enough items have been selected, the "Complete" button at the bottom of the survey window will light up, and you can claim your items.

Selling loot rights is unsupported

The Aion loot rights system was designed to fairly distribute items between the players who gained experience from the NPC who dropped the items in question. Circumventing the normal looting system in order to buy or sell the rights to untradeable drops is not against the rules, but is not supported and not recommended by the Aion Support Team.

These kinds of transactions are unsafe, and should be considered at your own risk. There are many things that can go wrong and in most cases Support staff will not able to replace Kinah or items if it doesn't work out.

Instance keys may disappear

Some keys will disappear when your character leaves an instance zone for any reason, including if you lose connection with the Aion server. When you obtain a key, please check the item description. Any key that will disappear will have the following message as a label: "It disappears when you leave the Instanced Zone or quit the game." This is normal and Support staff will not be able to replace these keys.

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