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What does "Truly Free" mean?

As of April 11, 2012, Aion became “Truly Free” and no longer requires a subscription fee to play. "Truly free" means you have access to everything that Aion has to offer at no charge.

Aion Truly Free does not burden you with gameplay restrictions like blocked features or content, limited character slots, or level caps.

With the launch of "Truly Free," we introduced a new digital currency called NCoin, an in-game currency that can be used for Aion. The purchase of NCoin is made with real world currency, but is not required to play the game. If you like, you can accelerate and enhance game play by purchasing NCoin and using this new in-game currency to purchase in-game items or packs from the C.U.B.E. or the Black Cloud Marketplace.

"Truly free" means you can enjoy Aion in a way that suits your play style and budget.

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