How do I assign a special in-game item to my character?

These instructions apply to any special in-game items (such as the Official Aion Magazine items, promotional codes, Collector's Edition items, Pre-Order items, Aion NCoin Card Bonus Codes) and Aion pet codes you may have added to your game account.
These special in-game items or item packs are not provided to characters automatically. Once you've made the purchase or applied the appropriate serial code to your account, follow these instructions:
NOTE:  If the items are unlimited use, (such as Collector's Edition items) you will need to follow these steps for every character new you create or any character you have already created in order for all of your characters to receive the items. Some items are only one time use items and cannot be applied to multiple characters.
  1. Log into your NC Account
  2. Next to Aion, click the Manage button. 
  3. Click the Apply In-Game Items link. 
  4. Select the server your preferred character is on and click the Next button. 
  5. Select the character you wish to receive the items and click the Next button. 
  6. You will then see a list of all the items or item packs that may be applied to that character. Click the checkbox next to the item pack(s) you wish to apply to that character and then click the Next button. 
  7. Please carefully review the confirmation page and then click the Apply the Items/ItemPacks to this Character button. 
You will get a message saying that the items/item packs were successfully given to that character.
You should now have these items when you log into the game. Please check the in-game mail box for the items.
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