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Account Sharing

Account sharing is a violation of the Aion User Agreement and an account can be closed for it if it’s found to have been shared.

Not every violation of the rules will lead to an account closure. Just because an account is shared does not mean the account will be blocked, and if a shared account is not blocked at a particular time, it does not mean the sharing is allowed.

The rule is there to protect the account holder, not to punish. The rule is also there as an supplement to other more serious rules – for example, account sharing cannot be used as an excuse for some other rule being broken.

The great majority of account thefts – that is to say, “hacked accounts” – happen to account owners who have previously shared their accounts and failed to secure them afterward.

You, as the account owner, are responsible for the security of your game account. Sharing your account information may lead to unintended consequences for your account that customer service agents may not be able to reverse. Further, if someone else who knows your account information provides it to someone else, support staff cannot intervene.

The only time it is ever acceptable to allow someone other than the account owner to play the account is when the account owner’s child under the age of 18 is allowed to play, and then only when the owner is present.

To sum up:

  • Keep your login information secret, and change your password often. Read the PlaySmart page for advice on this, and the Security Post for more details.
  • There is no reason that support staff will consider legitimate to allow another player to use your account.
  •  If you choose to share your account information, or have ever shared it, you should immediately change your password and PIN.

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