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Aion Account Block

Aion game accounts can be blocked or terminated for a number of reasons. Some possible reasons include:

  • Using a "bot" program, or other third-party software to automate game play.
  • Selling or purchasing Kinah, items, or accounts for real world money.
  • Use of racial slurs or other inappropriate language.
  • Inappropriate character or Legion names.
  • Exploiting a bug.
  • Harassing or threatening other players.
  • Employee impersonation.
  • Account theft.
  • Billing or payment issues.
  • Forum violations.
  • Other breaches of the User Agreement or the Rules of Conduct.


If your account is currently blocked, please check the e-mail associated with your Aion account. You may have received an e-mail from us explaining why your account is blocked. If the block is not permanent, the e-mail will also say how long the block will remain in place. Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders.

If you did not receive an e-mail regarding the block on your account, you will need to contact support for more information. You can contact the Aion Support Team using the Submit a Ticket link on this page, or by e-mailing Please be sure to include the following information when contacting support: Aion Account Name, Server, and Character Name(s).

Please also add and to any spam whitelists or allowed e-mail address lists for your e-mail program. This will help you be sure that you'll receive our responses.

The links below can be used to find more information regarding the Aion User Agreement and Rules of Conduct.


Additional Information

How do I contact the NCSOFT Account Admin Team to appeal a violation?

If your game account has recently been sanctioned for a rules violation, you can appeal this action by submitting your appeal request to the NCSOFT Account Admin Team. To submit your appeal request, please log into the Support Center and update the support ticket that initially notified you of the rules violation. (You must submit your request through the Support Center)

Click here to log into the Support Center.

The email notification (support ticket) is only sent to the email currently registered to the account. If you do not see a ticket related to this incident, please check the email you are currently using for the account.

If you are still unable to locate the email notification of this incident, you can submit an appeal request by clicking on the Ask a Question tab and following these steps:

  1. Enter your e-mail address in all lower case (e-mail address is case sensitive). Please make sure the contact information is up-to-date and to use the email address currently registered to the account.
  2. Enter "Account Appeal" in the Subject field and make sure to enter any information you feel is important to your appeal into the Question field.
  3. Select the appropriate game in the Product field.
  4. Select Rules and Policies for the Category field.
  5. Select Game Support for the Department field.
  6. Complete your submission by entering the NCSOFT Master Account / NC Account name and the Game Account name.
  7. Once all of the required fields are answered, click Continue.


Account ownership verification maybe necessary before an appeal is considered. To avoid any possible delays in reviewing your request, please include the following information.

  • What first and last name did you use when you created the account?
  • What street address did you use when you created the account?
  • What date of birth did you use when you created the account?
  • What are all the Registration Keys currently registered to the account?
  • What are the game account login names on the account?
  • What are the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card used to make any purchases online from us? (if applicable)
  • Please make sure to confirm your submission when prompted to complete your appeals submission. You will then be presented with a reference number for the submission and a copy of your question will also be e-mailed to you for your records.


Once the NCSOFT Account Admin Team has reviewed your appeal request, your support ticket will be updated to inform you of the status of your appeal request. You can check the status of your appeals submission by checking your Support History from the My Stuff tab in the Support Center.

Bot Policy

NCSOFT absolutely does not allow for the use of any 3rd party software to automate characters or other features of the game. Many of these programs are commonly know as “bots,” but we also do not allow for any macro looping or other automation software.

We are constantly removing accounts from our service for using these 3rd party programs. To quickly report these players, you can use the /AutoReportHunting feature. To report players this way, you can type /AutoReportHunting while the player is targeted, or you can access the button for this feature in your Actions list.

To access this list:

  1. Press Shift+K for the Functions Menu
  2. Please be aware you will need to right-click on this button from the list, or you can drag it to your Quickbar and left-click on it, like a normal skill.

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