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How does the Survey system work?

Occasionally, Aion players are provided items or questionnaires via the Survey system.

Surveys are often subject to certain limits, such as level, class, or race limitations. They also have expiration dates. Survey limits and expiration dates will be noted on the relevant news post at

  • Example: Power Up Week event – only players level 66 and above are eligible to receive the survey with the rewards

Surveys are limited to one character per server per account.

  • Example: A player with two characters on Katalam that qualify for reward will have to choose which of these characters will get them. A player with a qualifying character on Katalam and a qualifying character on Danaria would get the rewards on both characters.

Some surveys allow the selection of multiple items from a list. If more than one item is available, hold down the shift key and click the items you want.

Some surveys have questions. All questions must be answered in order to complete the survey. Some questions may be multiple choice.

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