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  1. What files does XIGNCODE3 scan/log/record?

When certain conditions are met, the files will be added into the checklist for XIGNCODE3 to scan, log, and record. The certain conditions here is referred to the malicious programs that are registered in the XIGNCODE3 database. The only reason for accessing the data is to check and determine whether the relevant file is a normal file or not.
If the conditions are met or the file seems suspicious, a part of the file data (one-way hash value and the file name) can be recorded as a log and also transferred if necessary, but in a form that the original file cannot be recognized. Similar to an anti-virus program scanning for a virus, the sole purpose is to only check the structure of the file and no other reasons apart from it. Apart from the one-way hash value and the file name, XIGNCODE3 does not collect the data of the whole file nor does it transfer the whole file to other external servers.


  1. When does XIGNCODE3 collect data?

Once the game is launched and XIGNCODE3 runs correctly, it will start collecting data once it begins to search for hack tools existing in the user’s PC.


  1. What does XIGNCODE3 do with my data?

With the data collected, XIGNCODE3 is able to determine if an error had occurred and what had caused that specific error. For users that had an unexpected error, we can provide the users with solutions with their data. And based on this data, we can also identify which users had used hacking tools and can restrict those users.


  1. How long does XIGNCODE3 retain my information?

XIGNCODE3 strictly adheres to the Personal Data Privacy Law and manages the data accordingly. After the data is stored, it is disposed after an average of 2 to 3 months.
The logs stored are only used for checking if hack tools were used during gameplay, or to investigate XIGNCODE3 errors and nothing else.


  1. How can I request Wellbia to delete all of my data?

It is impossible for XIGNCODE3 to retrieve personal files as a whole, and it is also not possible to identify any personal information from the collected data. The data collected is only specific data that is related to the game, and no personal information or files are collected. Users can rest assure that there is no chance of any leaks of personal information or files.


  1. How do I fully remove XIGNCODE3 from my PC?

XIGNCODE3 is located inside the folder where the game was installed and only runs when the game is launched, and ends when the game is closed. (There are cases when the XIGNCODE3 tray icon may remain, but it is not actually running). XIGNCODE3 is fully deleted when the game is uninstalled and only deleting the XIGNCODE3 files and launching the game will cause an error, and will require a reinstallation of the game. In addition, XIGNCODE3 cannot run separately by itself without the game launching.


  1. How do I find out what a XIGNCODE3 Error # means?

Please refer to this site for your reference. (Http://


  1. What precautions are taken to protect the data that is collected by XIGNCODE3?

To prevent the data from the hands of outside sources XIGNCODE3 uses security programs, anti-virus programs, encryptions, and the specific accounts and IP addresses that are allowed access to the data are constantly monitored.


  1. Why does the 32-bit version of XIGNCODE3 work differently from the 64-bit version?

Just like how the game requires 2 different versions to be suitable for the 2 different Windows operating systems, XIGNCODE3 also requires each version to be compatible accordingly.


  1. Is the data that is sent encrypted?

The data is encrypted with XIGNCODE3’s own encryption method.


  1. Does XIGNCODE3 modify any of my files?

XIGNCODE3 does not tamper with any files, and only scans to check the files like an anti-virus program to see whether or not a hacking tool is installed. Also, you can rest assure that no data is collect from normal files. There have been a number of cases where hack tools were disguised as photo files and such suspicious files can also be checked at times.


  1. Why does XIGNCODE3 prevent other anti-cheat from running?

XIGNCODE3 does not block other anti-cheat programs, but it cannot be executed at the same time as GameGuard (nProtect). XIGNCODE3 has already attempted to fix this issue but there is no longer anything XIGNCODE3 can do anymore, since GameGuard (nProtect) has not fixed the part on their side. If other anti-cheat programs are run at the same time as XIGNCODE3, there is a chance of a compatibility issue which may lead to a crash. In cases where you experience this situation, please share this information with XIGNCODE3 and the regarding issue will be further investigated.


  1. Have there been any known breaches of the data stored at XIGNCODE3?

XIGNCODE3 is constantly concerned about the leakage of its stored data and is always seeking to improve in securing the data is a safer manner and so far, XIGNCODE3 has not encountered any breaches or leaks. In addition, the data stored by XIGNCODE3 is only kept for a specified period and is deleted after a certain period. If a breach was to actually happen though in the future, the data stored by XIGNCODE3 does not store any whole files or personal information, and so there cannot be any leaks of personal information.


  1. Why does XIGNCODE3 flag some of Microsoft Windows updates as a threat?

For instance, in cases where Microsoft Windows has preview build updates, there are numerous internal changes in the operating system and it is difficult to confront to all the changes in advance. Due to this, before the official Windows update XIGNCODE3 runs tests with preview builds as well and works on fixing any false errors to prevent errors from occurring when the official update is released.


  1. How large and how often is the data being sent to XIGNCODE3, will this negatively impact users with data caps?

There is no specified set size of the data since the size of the data is determined by various factors such as file type, size, and etc. Also sending the data at regular intervals will reduce the performance of the user’s PC and so it sends the data in a variable period or when a certain event occurs. Also, there are no negative factors at all to users that have a data cap.


  1. Is there any support or guides provided by XIGNCODE3 on how to troubleshoot what software may be preventing the launch of the game client?

XIGNCODE3 has a detection code in the error pop-up with a simple description of the error. To help us find out what the cause of the error is, you can send your XIGNCODE3.log file (located within the game folder) to 

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