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Can I Remove My Card on File?

Yes! But you have to be on a purchase page in order to do it. The easiest way to remove a card on file is to follow these steps (Don’t worry: You will not be billed when following these steps):

  1. Log into your NC Account
  2. Click the Add Subscription button for any one of our games (Lineage II or Blade & Soul)*
  3. Select any Subscription plan and click the CREDIT CARD payment method button
  4. The next screen will list your card on file. To remove it, click the Pencil (EDIT) icon next to your card on file
  5. Click the DELETE button
  6. Click the DELETE button to confirm deleting the card on file

Your card/billing information has been removed! When you’d like to make a purchase in the future, you will be required to enter your billing information again.

*If you’re currently subscribed to a subscription, you can follow these steps on how to Cancel your recurring subscription.

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