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Account Deletion FAQ

You can at any time request to have your NCSOFT account permanently deleted, either from your Account Management page or by contacting the Customer Support Team. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about account deletion.

How do I request Account Deletion?

To submit a deletion request, access your Account Management page, log in with your NCSOFT account credentials and use the link at the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to access your NCSOFT account (when your account has been banned for example), you can request account deletion by sending an email to Please use the subject line "Account Deletion Request".

What does it mean to delete my NCSOFT account?

Deletion of your NCSOFT Account is permanent and irreversible. We will remove all your personal information from our systems, or anonymize it, so it can never be linked back to you.

The information that can no longer be restored after deletion will include all game content (such as characters and items), as well as the payment and support history associated with the account.

After the deletion has been completed:

  • We will be unable to restore any game content (Including characters and items)
  • We will be unable to issue any refunds.
  • We will no longer have access to your payment transactions
  • All currency (including NCoin and Protobucks) on your account will be deleted.
  • All game subscriptions on your account will be canceled and deleted.
  • All of your support tickets will be deleted.
  • Your account will not be able to be restored – Account Deletion is Permanent.

 How does Account Deletion work?

The process of Account Deletion is relatively simple:

  1. First, you submit your deletion request from your Account Management page or by contacting the Customer Support Team.
  2. The effective deletion date will be 21 days from when you submit the request, regardless of when you receive the confirmation. This date will be reflected in the confirmation email you receive from support, as well as on your Account Management page.
  3. After you submit the request, the Customer Support Team will review your request and either ask for additional information to verify account ownership or send you confirmation that your account has been confirmed for deletion.
  4. You will receive two additional emails from us within the 21-day time-frame:
    • The first is just a reminder that your account is scheduled for deletion
    • The second is confirmation that your deletion request is scheduled for that same day. It will be the last email you receive from us.
  5. After the deletion date, we will have removed your personal data from our systems and will no longer be able to access any historical data associated with your account. 

 How long does an Account Deletion take?

Your NCSOFT account will be deleted 21 days after you submit your deletion request.

After your request has been reviewed and confirmed, you will receive an email containing the effective deletion date and you will be able to see the date on your Account Management page.

Can I cancel an Account Deletion request?

Yes. You can cancel the request from your Account Management page, at any time before the 21-day timer has expired, or the Customer Support Team receives your cancellation request before the timer runs out.

Can I reuse my email address after my account has been deleted?

Yes, once your account has been successfully deleted, you can reuse your email to create a new NCSOFT account.

Can I request to have only a single game account deleted?

No, you can only request the deletion of your NCSOFT account.

Everything associated with the account email, including all game accounts, characters, support and payment history will be unretrievable after deletion.

Can I reclaim my account once it has been deleted?

No, once your account has been successfully deleted from our systems, there is no way to reclaim any of the information associated with the NCSOFT account.

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