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Black Cloud Coin Refunds Policy

If you have purchased in-game goods with BC Coin, and would like a refund, because you cannot use, or no longer want the items, we will refund the BC Coin you spent under certain circumstances only. Please review the eligibility criteria below.

Please note that we will not refund BC Coin back to real-life currency once you have spent the BC Coin.


  • Unused consumable items will be refunded within one month of purchase. This includes food, potions, materials, etc..
  • Used items that provide short-term benefits (e.g.: food, potions, Berdin's Lucky Star, etc.) OR items used in Enchanting and Upgrading (Enchantment Stones, Transformation stones, etc.) NEVER qualify for a refund.
  • Items offered in bulk amounts can only be refunded in full if items are unused. This means we cannot provide partial refunds for bulk items (e.g.: Zeraka Aether Jelly (x10), Black Cloud Lockbox Keys (x25), etc.).
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